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project manager - facilitator - IT-trainer

in local and in European context

I find myself increasingly communicating in English. In line with this I need some kind of profile in English for business partners from abroad to relate to. But this is not a translation of my German profile. Speaking English and communicating in English always feels like adapting another identity to me. May be this is because talking to somebody from abroad means to reflect the own situation from another perspective. So it might be just right to create some kind of a profile which is more up-to-date (at the moment July 2011) than my German image.
I enjoy communicating and cooperating with very different members of society and I feel happiest, when organizing events of communication and collaboration in public space, mixing people from very different backgrounds.
Reflecting my current doing I find myself in three sectors of activity, which are closely linked to each other:

Project management and facilitation


Active citizenship



See details on my education and training

There is no fun in project management and other work-related activities without some kind of private recreation => my hobby ;-)


Most of my messages in Twitter, Facebook and xing are in German but in Google+ I usually publish in English.

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